Clearing Service Overview:

We perform clearing and grubbing on sites both big and small. Large sites may require subcontracting to complete specialized tasks. We work hand-in-hand with the best subcontractors in NC to maintain local code compliance and create a beautiful finished project.

Methods of Clearing include:

  • Open burning
  • Pit burning
  • Site timbering
  • Hauling off clearing debris (including grinding and mulching of cleared debris as needed)
  • Hauling cleared debris to onsite areas as directed



Erosion Control Service Overview:

Iron Horse Contractors, LLC provides all necessary erosion control construction as required per local municipalities. We have extensive knowledge of the specific requirements for each individual town or county along with the state. This includes maintenance during construction and removal of devices once the site is in compliance.

Erosion Control services include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction entrances
  • Erosion control fencing (silt / tree / combination / Super Silt)
  • Pond/BMP/basin construction / baffles / skimmers / outfall structures / spillways
  • Diversion ditches / check dams / wattles / slope drains
  • Inlet protection / outlet protection
  • Seeding / erosion control matting
  • Level spreaders
  • Maintenance and removal of erosion devices

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